The Why of Binaural Recording

Binaural recordings are a technology that uses a different technique than a regular microphone setup. This is a recorder that uses a method in which two microphones are used in a way to create 3D stereo sound for the person listening. A technology of this kind when playing back the recordings the sound is much different than the recordings usually heard since it picks up elements that may not be necessarily picked up with other types of recording.

How does Binaural Recordings Work?

The way this technology works is by having binaural microphones capture spatial recordings. This is done by using two microphones that are spaced at an average distance between the ear canals. These have a separating binaural recorder element to achieve the results of the recording that will carry sound to each ear. It is a method of using matched microphones near the ears that have the ability to basically record what the ears hear since the ears do not hear identical sounds. The recording technology can capture the differences and when played back it provides a three dimensional sound.

The Devices

The microphones or binaural recordings are wireless headphones that are in the form of earbud type device with a hard-plastic outer piece to fit the ear that make a comfortable fit when recording. They are comfortable to wear but powerful in the technology for this type of recording. They are described as seeing sound in color since it is 3D audio in a way that has not been heard before. The devices include:

• An app
• This is where the user can adjust the recording level using a slider type of icon.
• Using a cell phone, the volume can also be adjusted on the phone.
• There is a start and stop function.
• It has a battery level function.
• There is a playback function.
• Sharing function.
• Playback function.
• A gallery screen.

Who is this Technology Good For?

This recording technology can be used by anyone for all kinds of recording since it does not have a large learning curve. Once the app is loaded going through the functions is basically the knowledge the user requires to begin recording sounds that will playback in 3D sound. Most people are familiar with using cell phones and apps today and this is an app that requires some learning about it to get the full advantage of the technology.

What can be Done with Recordings?

Once this technology is used to make recordings it can be played back by the person making the recording. But it can also be saved and shared with others by email, text, podcast, or social media for others to hear the 3D sound recordings.

What can be Recorded?

The recordings material is endless with this technology. The person recording can use their voice, recording of concerts, they can record outdoor sounds including storms, sounds within the house or even the gym. This technology can make the common sounds around the person come to life when listening to the playback or sharing it with others who were not present for the real sound events.