The Role of a Dispensary Agent for Legalized Cannabis

The recent full legalization for cannabis in Canada is once again igniting the Marijuana conversation stateside. Much discussion over full legalization efforts for both medical and recreational cannabis has been ongoing for quite some time. Many states have allowed legal marijuana to be sold, and two states have actually fully legalized its recreational use. This surge has led to the renewal of the overall cannabis culture. It has also created a new swarm of jobs.

Working within the cannabis industry can be quite profitable, and definitely contains the demand necessary for job security. Across the U.S. people are vying for some of the hottest cannabis jobs available to the industry. One such job is a position right behind the dispensary counter. Many like to be called dispensary agents. They are individuals who do exactly as their job implies. They dispense ganja to the masses. Dispensary agents operate in both medical and recreational markets. Most individuals just affectionately call them budtenders. Their job may seem a simple one but it is not. If you are interested in joining the ranks of budtenders, here are some things you should know.

You Have to Be an Expert

A budtender must have an acute knowledge of the ins and outs of the hash industry. This is a hefty bit of knowledge to maintain. You have to know the names of the different strains, their individual uses, consumption methods, an overall knowledge of cannabis culture, the medical implications of the weed you sell, and current knowledge of all state mandated laws and regulations. A state like Washington has a set series of laws focused on the consumption, acquisition, usage, and transportation of cannabis. Some people who walk in the store may not be up to snuff on these laws. As a dispensary agent it is your job to make sure they understand so they do not get in trouble.

Medical Efficacy

Also, in most states cannabis is only allowed as a medical prescription. So as a dispensary agent you have to know the health values of the different strains you sell. Many individuals are quite serious about the medical advantages of cannabis. In these cases, you have to be like a true apothecary, and understand nature of each condition cannabis treats. Cannabis is good for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses that range anywhere from Anorexia Nervosa to chronic pain. It is necessary for medical budtenders not only understand the cannabis, but the diseases they treat.

A Good Understanding of Effects

Cannabis is a drug. It may not be as serious as some other narcotics but it still has effects. This is why as a dispensary agent you have to understand those effects. It is akin to disclosing side effects for an over the counter drug. You want to prepare people for the ride they are about to go on. In medical terms this is a disclosure of the side effects of their treatment. In recreational circles this may be the strains finest selling point.