Tech Advances That Are Transforming Digital Entertainment


The idea about walking around the campfire has been adopted in the modern society. However, there are fewer campfires in the contemporary society. In this case, these people come from a communal place for entertainment. In the past, campfires were the greatest deal. However, technological advancements such as the 3D technology combined with the touch interfaces have brought about this campfire experience in the world. The digital entertainment is advancing with the greatest mode of innovation. We are here to look at the picks that allow us to determine the level of technological advancements in the modern society. During the past few decades, the radio was the most sophisticated mode of technological advancements. However, the digital entertainment was advanced through the innovation in technology. Let’s get around these advancements.

1. Motion Gaming
Most of the high-end gamers saw the Nintendo Wii as a toy when the next generation of video games advanced into the market. This is because it lacked enough computing power to give out the desired results like the PS3 or the Xbox 360. You also used to play the game by waving the electronic controller on the screen. The consoles were then outsold by the Wii because it was consistent.

While the Wii has brought great success, it has revolutionized the world of gaming. Microsoft and Sony have jumped into the Play Station move by the gaming industry. Moreover, the Wii has brought about a new technology of gaming without using your hands. We have also seen the Kinect and Move sell well in the market. The Kinect has also outsold Wii. Because the gaming world has natural controllers, they are widely adopted as the best entertainment method for other people.

2. 3D
The older society has misinterpreted 3d. They thought it was one of the impossible technologies invented by few scientists. However, its adoption and success are realized in the modern technology. Gone are the days when people use to wear multi-colored dresses to gain a 3D appearance. The new 3D wave is more colorful, sharper, and great in complexity. Moreover, we’re now wearing cooler 3D glasses than ever.

3d has also changed the filming industry. Moreover, this technology has invaded homes with the most advanced 3d-enabled TVs. While this technology has lingered in the market for some time, it has been increased by the introduction of faster computers in the market.

3. The Digital Television
Hulu is one of the greatest digital television providers. While you have been watching television, this is an advancement of its capabilities. They are also computerized to allow you pause a program and view it later. When you use these television sets, you have the capability to vote for your favorite commercials and enjoy numerous interactive features like videos and demos in the commercials.

Digital television has a new wave of television views. They have also led to the release of the cable technology for television like Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, and Boxee. You can uses these boxes to get movies from Netflix in the chatbot framework.