Is VOIP a good choice for your business?

Small businesses generally either use landlines or the VOIP technology. If you are also a small business and you are here, chances are you want to know more about VOIP. It is basically the technology that uses the internet connection to transmit your voice as data packets and it is different from landlines since they use traditional copper wires for data transmission. VOIP has many benefits over landlines and it can literally be the best decision you have ever made for your business.

When you are using a landline for business, you have to bear additional costs. First is the cost of installation and then it’s the monthly cost, maintenance cost and more. VOIP, on the other hand, can be deployed with little to no cost at all.

Why it’s a good idea for your business?

To use VOIP for business, all you need is an internet connect, a computer, speakers, microphone and a software. It lets you make free international calls which can be very expensive when made through landline. Here are some of its benefits for business:

  • It is easy to roll all your phone requirements to VOIP. Whether it is business calls, video conferencing, instant messages, faxes, or long distance call, you can do everything with VOIP. Even if some of your workers are working remotely, VOIP keeps them connected.
  • Are you fed up of face to face meetings because they are time taking and the travel expense is killing you? Why not switch to video calls and conferencing with VOIP? It even allows you to share documents.
  • The small business owners who want to use advanced telecommunication functionality at a reasonable price will love this option. It even lets your remote employees access the same phone system which means can communicate with clients without disruption. You will be glad to learn the benefits of managing your remote team with VOIP.
  • Another great thing about the VOIP service is its scalability. When you are using a landline, you can only add a limited number of lines and if more are need, you have to upgrade the hardware. But when you are using VOIP, you are using the internet connection and that lets you add unlimited lines. This reduces the setup and maintenance cost.
  • The VOIP service also lets you send and receive voicemail and faxes. This is done via your email. All your messages are received in a single place and your voicemail and faxes can be archived or forward to others too.

Considering to switch

So after reading this, if you want to switch to VOIP and you don’t know where to start, just hire an expert. That’s particularly true if you need a large VOIP system. Don’t switch everyone at once. You must first test the service with a few users. If you are satisfied with the service, then it is time to introduce it to the rest of the employees.  Now all you need to do is choose the right VOIP system and start enjoying its benefits.