Electric Bikes and Reasons to Use It

Some of the factors driving the rise of electric bicycles are the awareness of the bad environmental pollution caused by the rest of the burning of motorized vehicles, the expensive fuel, and the taxes imposed on these means of transportation, for detailĀ electric motor. Very effectively used to take us to visit family or neighbor one housing, take us to the nearest shopping center, delivering school children, even brought to work.

Advantages of Electric Bicycles
There are many benefits or advantages of this electric bike, including:

There are two power options, which are electric or padded. If the wearer is elderly or already tired, can use electric power to use the bike.
Very effectively used for routine activities at close range. For example, take school children or tutoring. Imagine how many liters of fuel can be saved every day. Especially if we have more than one child with different school locations and tutoring places.
Relatively more secure for the environment. Of course this is related to the gas emissions not generated by this bike. But it must be remembered that electric power bikes obtained from electricity in the production of using coal as fuel.
In a single charge, the bike can travel a distance of about 40-60 Km. That means it can be used for two days on an ongoing basis.
It is not subject to any taxes or liability of ownership of licenses because of the speed that can be run only 30 – 40 km / h. Even so the shape there is very similar to the original motorcycle.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes
No ivory is not cracked, so does this type of bike. There are some weaknesses that we also need to understand before buying. The weaknesses are:

Use of battery life. Battery life is affected by the quality of the battery. Usually the more expensive and famous its brand, the better. Generally battery life is 2 years. After the age of the battery runs out and can not be charged back, we must be prepared to buy a new battery with a price range of 750 thousand to 2 million rupiah depending on the quality.
The time required to charge the battery to full is relatively long for about 8 hours. Can be disiasati by charge at night so the next day can be directly used.
Official service network for service or repair is still very few and generally only in big cities. Although these eco-friendly bikes are not like motors that require periodic maintenance, they need to be anticipated in the event of an accident or incorrect use of the battery.
The recommended maximum load is 125 kg. So do not carry too many luggage when using this bike.