Detailed Explanation of Shared Hosting and its Benefits

Web hosting is an important aspect when you decide to take the business online. Along with eye-catching designs for the website, a reliable and trustworthy host is equally important. Filtering the domain of web hosting, there are several choices that every business owner can consider while looking for a host. Even if we stick to the least, three kinds of hosting standing out.

  1. a) Dedicated Hosting
  2. b) Shared Hosting
  3. c) VPS Server Hosting

Each has its own specifics and functionality. Where Dedicated Hosting is a whole private space for hosting a website, VPS Hosting is the economical version that creates a virtual private space for hosting. Either be the choice, both of these are feature-packed but cost huge money.

On the contrary, if you are a novice and have just started with your website, Shared Hosting might appeal to you more.

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name itself states, Shared Hosting is an environment where the server space is shared between websites, and each is given the time, on an ad hoc basis. And it isn’t only that space that is shared. Hosting a website requires more than only a working space; it needs a database, storage space, FTP and certain bandwidth along with processor and memory.

So, in Shared Hosting, all of the above are distributed among the websites. This distribution isn’t equal and is based on the needs of the site. Primarily, this is the reason why Shared Hosting is cheaper as compared to the other two hosting types.

Further, there doesn’t exist any limitation on how many websites can be hosted on a single server. It could be only a few or could escalate as high to tens or hundreds of websites. With Shared Hosting, users have the flexibility to add more than one website on a single account (space should not exceed the allocated one).

When you opt for Shared Hosting services, all of the website management and maintenance work is taken care of by the host. The users need to manually run and set up the website; however, they can always seek help from the service providers.

Who Should Invest In Shared Hosting?

Given the fact that Shared Hosting though cheap is limited in services, it is best advised for the startup owners or the first time website owners to start with Shared Hosting and then as their website needs to outgrow the current one, they can upgrade to a higher plan or a different hosting service.

In the context of hosting a business website that involves crucial user data, opting for secured hosting services is a better way out. Nevertheless, for the small site owners or static websites or for the websites that don’t witness much traffic, Shared Hosting is the best fit.

Here’s why!

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

  1. Shared Hosting Is Economical: Apparently, one of the most prominent reasons why solopreneurs incline towards Shared Hosting is its affordable services. It costs only a few dollars for a single site every month and has a lot of features to offer. Considering the fact that Shared Hosting involves sharing the same space, the cost is also shared. For owners that have just started with their online website, investing a huge sum is risky. In such a situation, Shared Hosting allows them to test and try their website performance, and later expand.
  2. Excellent Support & Maintenance: Another reason why Shared Hosting is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs is the maintenance and support rendered. With this kind of hosting, the host is responsible for maintaining the website. Whether it is the hardware or the server or the other elements of the website, the website hosting service provider would do all. What this suggests is that the website owners need not be a technology expert go run the website. All that they need to do is effectively run their business where all the backend maintenance would be taken care of by the host.
  3. Consumer-Specific: User-friendliness is another term here. Creating a website requires a lot of effort, regardless of the type of hosting or that of the business, it is important that the interface is easy enough to set up the website. Acknowledging the fact that the business owner might not have much knowledge about hosting a website, giving them the ease to flexibly host a website make things, better and easier. This is exactly what Shared Hosting does. It offers a cPanel that is easy to use and implement.
  4. Option To Upgrade: The prime reason why entrepreneurs start with Shared Hosting is the fact that it is cheap and easily accessible. However, the hosting services are restricted, and it offers users the option to scale higher. As the website traffic starts rising up the graph, users of Shared Hosting services can anytime decide to switch to another plan or upgrade their hosting services.
  5. Efficiency: Since Shared Hosting is cheap and affordable, it might appear that they are not efficient. However, this is not the case. When a website owner invests in Shared Hosting solutions, he/she is given the right amount of bandwidth and server space, as needed to host the website seamlessly. Never will a user suffer in terms of website efficiency when hosting on a shared server.


To sum it up, Shared Hosting is the one-stop-shop solution for all the small website or the new business owners. It offers the right amount of services, caters to the backend support needs and allows you to expand as your business grows. All in all, it fills all gaps needed to run a business successfully.