Logo Design in Four Simple Steps

Your logo design should always be an integral part of your brand and marketing campaigns. It is a vital aspect that collaborates with other parts of your brand such as your business website, brand statement, vision, and marketing plans that showcase your corporate identity as a whole rather than an array of separate things.

A logo should be an accurate and clear representation of your brand in all aspects. It should act as the “glue” that will keep all your marketing material together so that you get your message across more effectively to your target audience. And, despite what many folks think, a logo doesn’t have to be fancy and complex to be efficient. When you refer to many famous brands like Ebay, Facebook, IMB or Macy’s, you’ll see that simplicity and clarity are the keys to making your logo design and brand recognisable for others.

Begin with your brand

Think of your brand first before you proceed with the logo design. Decide on the message you wish to send to your target market. Do your own homework and take your company’s mission statement seriously before anything else. Don’t just ask opinions and hold surveys regarding a colour or any other detail that is irrelevant. First, make sure that your different logo versions have a character and their own story to tell before sending them out for approval.

Keep Your Logo Design Simple

Sometimes less is really more, especially when it comes to efficient logo design. If your corporate logo has a too many icons, lines, fonts, and colours then you have just succeeded in making it look outdated. When you observe logos of small companies, you will see what me mean here… Instead of trying to include too many things at once, opt for a simpler and neater version … Read More ...

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Earning Extra Money as an Engineer

Engineers are fortunate in that they all have the opportunity to earn a very comfortable living. With the salary being anywhere from $60,000 a year to the six figure arena, they make more than many other fields. But there is always the desire to make more and to have more. In some cases the desire is driven by a big debt such as school loans or other times it is to purchase a house or to pay off other debt or help out family members. Whatever the reason is all you need to do is go here to learn more about some great side hustle opportunities for engineers.

Having a second job can be very difficult. You need to be able to coordinate both schedules and you are at the mercy of both bosses to maintain that hectic schedule. But working side jobs is a great way to keep control of your own schedule and make some great money on the side. There are a number of different jobs that you could find that allow you to use your degree to earn extra cash.

Being a tutor is a good way to help others who are entering the engineering field and could greatly benefit from your knowledge and experience. You can schedule the sessions around your current job and the subject matter is all things that you are familiar with. In addition, you could even schedule virtual sessions with a student who lives in another area. If you like writing, there is always a demand for technical writers. You could combine your knowledge of engineering with your enjoyment of writing at make extra money. An added benefit is that this work is normally done remotely and you could work within your own schedule and time frame. You will find that … Read More ...

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