6 essential benefits of deploying a cloud hosting service for your website


Cloud technology is becoming increasingly important for all segments because of the simple reason that it allows all kinds of enterprises to easily store information, access information and keep all the data clean. Consider this- as a business or cloud-based business would you not think of scaling quickly online with a website that is cheap, portable and allows your employees to share things easily? We thought the same. With a cloud hosting package, all these things become very easy.  However, there are a number of key tricks that are not noticed when you choose which cloud vendor will accept. Here are some key benefits of deploying your website on the cloud and taking them as key pointers to verify from a good cloud hosting provider:


  1. Great assistance and recovery plan

In normal conditions, the cloud’s most important feature is their ability to recover from conditions that can cause disasters. Your cloud server’s technology is the main tool that allows you to move your information smoothly and securely. Especially if a large number of operators in your organization rely on the cloud to access and store easily accessible information, you should be able to engage in business that matches the cloud provider that has a good back up and recovery plan. With a good cloud hosting service, you can finally say goodbye to long data recovery sessions that will take your workday. So going ahead, find a partner who can promise a solid plan for you.


  1. Comprehensive development, flexibility, and portability 

Cloud hosting is a service that gives its customers the flexibility to move, form any place at any given point of time. In that way, when you switch from open cloud to private cloud or even hybrid cloud environments, you will see a lot of cloud Read More ...

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Understanding VNC Access In Hosting Dashboard

Virtual Network Computing or VNC is a software that enables one computer to connect with another computer over a network connection remotely. VNC access allows mouse clicks and keystrokes to be transmitted from one computer to another, enabling the technical support staff to manage your VPS server. This ensures that technical support staff can resolve your queries within no time without the need to physically access your server or system.

VNC is platform-agnostic and can be used with any operating system. VNC, unlike SSH, is not secured and it sends information over an unencrypted connection. The open ports can be used by IP addresses that need to access the system. This drawback which makes it less secure, in turn, is useful in resolving VPS server hosting issues. VNC’s source code is open-source under the General Public License with a few other versions available commercially.

How Does VNC Access Function?

The computer that one needs to control should have a VNC Server installed, while an application called VNC Viewer must be running on the client computer. The host and the client computers need to be connected on the same TCP/IP network. A private network such as LAN or VPN, or even a public network like the internet will work equally well. These are the most fundamental requirements for VNC access.

To remotely control the host server, a VNC viewer has to be run on the client computer which identifies the VNC server on the host computer. Once authenticated, the client computer can take over the host computer using their own input devices. The client can then access everything on the host computer as if it was being operated physically, including running applications, changing settings, and accessing data.

If the host computer is connected over the internet, it will most likely be Read More ...

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