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Logging in on Hotmail

Immediately, once you signed in Hotmail, you are shown on screen a Hotmail sign in page. The said page displays an information section about requirements using the Hotmail, found on the left page, which will be asked on the would-be user and on the right are textboxes, checkboxes, buttons, links which will come useful when the user logs in. An option is provided to users on whether they would prefer that the system keep them signed in or requiring the password and email address of user every time they check on their emails.

On the screen, the user will be presented with a field which is the “Windows Live ID.” Then the password field comes next which is important in creating an account. Completing these field tasks, the users are given the option of allowing the system to automatically take them into account each time they open the page. Clicking the “remember me on this computer” will effect on creating a “cookie” that will save the email address each time the user logs in on the page. Bear in mind that the system will keep on displaying your email address on screen if you use the same browser, as this will not work on a different browser.

Before you get to see your mails, an option is provided for you to check or un-check the “remember my password” box, that is, if you want the system to remember your password. Checking the box will automatically open your emails by skipping the log in page. With this, the system will not work if in the first place, you did not check on the “remember my password” box. Regular use of this set up will allow the browser to shift into a setting where the log-in page is automatically opened.
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Adequate, too, is the use of the default security setting for protecting your mails from hacking or illegal entry of would-be scam devices. You may want to study and check on this security setting which will automatically provide safety nets on your communication mails. Once you have decided to allow the default security setting to work, click on the link. By using the default setting, an encrypted page will be created which will eventually go to normal setting of receiving and sending mails, once the user signs in. Once the default security setting is used, there will be a change in color of the address bar signifying that the extended validation certificate is in full use.
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Take note that Hotmail sign in procedure is user-friendly and definitely easy to follow and to access. Bear in mind that the options in opening an account in Hotmail are programmed to make your signing in as easy and accessible. With the enhanced settings to protect your emails, you are provided with an adequate mail computer system that is efficient.