Understanding unlimited WiFi – How it benefits you

If you need high amounts of daily data without a cap on your usage, then an unlimited Wi-Fi plan is what you need.

Is it possible any more for any of us to live without the Internet? It powers up so many areas of our lives that we are quite helpless without it. Whether we are browsing Netflix at home or banking on our phones or just looking up new options in online shopping while chatting with friends, we require the digital medium at all times.

When you are at home, you want a stutter-free, always-on Internet connection that does not run out of data every few days. For this, an unlimited home Wi-Fi plan is essential. This article gives a brief primer on unlimited Internet and how it benefits you.

What is unlimited Internet?

As the name suggests, unlimited Internet is literally an unbounded amount of data for your use.

Unlimited home Wi-Fi plans have become all the rage for homes with multiple digital devices in simultaneous use, from mobile phones to gaming consoles, from Bluetooth speakers to Smart TVs, and from laptops to Voice Assisted devices. The unlimited home Wi-Fi plans literally pours data all across its zone of operation. They are necessary in homes with constant data consumption across a bevy of digital devices.

The best unlimited Wi-Fi plans let several digital devices use the same connection without any effect on connectivity or network speeds. For instance, Airtel unlimited broadband plans offer multi-device connectivity with the same data and speeds without any lags. The connection can take heavy usage at any time without any downtime or call drops.

Here’s why Airtel unlimited broadband plans are your best option for the home:

  • The Airtel unlimited broadband plan uses the widest spectrum across all service providers, thereby taking the heaviest usage loads quite easily. This explains its 99{83749142381c4b25cb1f7021c712f4c1c1eb37c70466e0155cf1463ab57ba0b9} uptime.
  • Airtel broadband has been found to have the highest data transmission speeds year after year, with renowned speed tests conducted on the connections. You can get speeds from a range of 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps with Airtel Wi-Fi. Plus, you can roll over the unused data of this month to the next.
  • The connection allows you to use up to 10 different digital devices simultaneously on the same connection.
  • If you are unhappy with your current broadband plan, you can upgrade to an unlimited home Wi-Fi plan. Or get V-fibernet for staggeringly fast speeds and high performance.
  • Airtel has unlimited home Wi-Fi plans for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. You can choose a smaller time frame plan as a trial, then shift to a yearly one for more savings.