Still Important Keywords For SEO

The main topic about SEO recently is that if the topic or keywords are more important. This discussion originated from the fact that Google is learning how to understand natural language. Google is very good at doing this now because it can actually identify similar terms for search queries, which makes it less important to worry about small changes like you say to your content when targeting certain keyword phrases, for detail please visit benefit of local seo . Some people argue that it is more important to think of the concept that Google interprets regardless of the actual words that are being used. While this may be somewhat true, keywords are still a very important SEO concept.

In 2011, the Google Panda update changed everything. This method of making money is put to death, and SEO is completely different. While SEO does look different, it’s still important to understand how it works so you can be at the top. Google continues to provide new updates for search engines and now works in ways that are quite useful for webmasters.

Search engines have grown and become very sophisticated, because they can discover the meaning behind your words, and the questions customers will enter into the search bar. Use that knowledge to automatically make your site appear for search queries that may not involve your keywords at all, just similar phrases.

Consider pagerank. It’s not dead, but it’s not the top deciding factor for ranking a website with just one of more than 200 factors used by Google to rank it. And now all these factors are sifted and analyzed, to help Google determine the authority of your own page. This means that things like quality content, inbound links, outbound links, social media share, ease of use, and even website design are all weighed to determine your eligibility as a leader in this subject.

Consider placing your keywords beyond their frequency. It’s still important to include your long tail keywords into page titles, subheadings, URLs, meta descriptions, image descriptions, and the like. And the placement of short tail keywords is still a very important factor. Given the frequency, you may need a little worry. It’s not important for you to repeat the keyword over and over again through the content again. This strategy does not work at all. It may actually devalue its copy and make it less fun to consume.

Keywords will not disappear in the near future, they are still a very important part of SEO. It is possible though that SEO marketing will change many times as Google becomes a secret game that some content publishers play with search engines. It will happen over time so there is no reason to enter in anxiety first.