Revealed: How to Create Engaging Onboarding App Experience

Whenever it comes to a mobile app, we often emphasize the features of the application. We focus on the technologies integrated into your mobile application. But, my question is: What if the user does not reach that point? What if the users leave just a few seconds after they installed your application? How will you deal with this situation? How will you encourage them to continue?

One line answer to these questions is: By improving app onboarding experience. Also called the window to your mobile application, the app onboarding keeps the user hooked with your app. Sounds interesting? Want to know how to make your app onboarding experience better?

Here are some of the proven ways to build an engaging onboarding app experience:

Set a Goal

Every mobile app comes with a prime goal, and so their onboarding process. While some onboardings are informative, others are conversion-centric or entertaining. The type of onboarding you choose reflects your aim behind, and influence the outcomes. So, think wisely. Understand the key goal behind your app onboarding and choose the type accordingly.

Make it Interactive

Get into users’ shoes and determine what kind of experience you want to give them – just scrolling the app pages when they visit for the first time or enjoying them. If the latter is your choice, work upon making the onboarding experience an interactive tour. Plan a story, add concise information, and help the users learn something with the passage of each mobile app page. This will evoke interest in your audience and improve customer retention rate.

Try Gamification

Do not make your onboarding experience boring. Add surprise elements into the application by gamification. This phenomenon of integrating gaming elements into your mobile app will foster user engagement, give them the feel of being a winner, and motivate them for long-term interaction. Thus, ensuring customer loyalty and adding value to your business.

Embed Skip Option

Providing a ‘Skip’ option is yet another impressive way of entertaining your audience. According to the top mobile app experts, a major fraction of mobile audience doesn’t want to go through the onboarding tour. They want to dive into the app and explore the features on their own. When forced to travel all through the grand mobile app tour, they get irritated and exit. Thus, loss of potential users. However, if you add a skip button, these tech-savvy users will directly get into the app and employ your services, which will eventually improve your customer retention chart. And this is proven by a music video streaming app, Vevo. According to the app owners, they recorded a 10{83749142381c4b25cb1f7021c712f4c1c1eb37c70466e0155cf1463ab57ba0b9} rise in logins and 6{83749142381c4b25cb1f7021c712f4c1c1eb37c70466e0155cf1463ab57ba0b9} hike in successful sign-ups by providing a skip option to the audience.

Incentivize the First Conversion

Another effective method that top mobile app development companies prefer for enhancing the onboarding experience is Incentivizing the first conversion. When the end users download your application and create an account, appreciate them with some offers or discounts or cash price. This will entice them and lure them for further interaction with your mobile app.

Encourage the Users

While creating an onboarding experience, do not overlook the empty screens. They might leave the end users clueless about your mobile app performance state. So, look forward to making better use of these empty screens creatively.

According to the India’s best mobile app development agency, leaving an encouraging message for the users on the empty screen is an effective method. This will keep them informed as well as prompt them to take an action.

Focus on Branding

Do not forget that your mobile app reflects your brand image. Your audience will remember your brand from the type of mobile application you create and the experience they get. So, it is advisable that you incorporate images, icons, text, and colors as per your brand image.

Test, Test, Test

Regardless of how innovatively you designed your mobile app, if it does not work properly with the fluid pace, the users won’t stay. So, as the top mobile app developers say, you should test every single element. Invest in nice testing tools and test your mobile app on different devices and screens. With the insights gained, revise your onboarding idea and launch only when it is good to go.

Though there’s a lot much to enriching the user onboarding app experience, I find these tips to be good enough to start with. So, based on these tips and your market research, create a magical onboarding app experience and yes, do break some rules to let the creativity flow beyond the limits.