Make wifi for events possible now!

Today, everyone who participates in a conference or corporate event hopes to automatically connect to the internet. For wifi for events it is more than proven that a wifi for events has to be a quality wifi network which allows; make direct, upload stories, tweet or simply to navigate or work with the laptop. And, having a good Wi-Fi connection will make the event more relevant. Since you help attendees to share their experience at the event, through their social networks

No matter the size of the event, the issue is to offer a quality Wi-Fi service, both for the speakers and the attendees. Make the wifi for events best. The social wifi can be a very suitable tool to solve all the problems that usually appear in congresses and events. First, the Wi-Fi network provided by the tradeshow internet system is a parallel and independent Imagine that an event is being held in a hotel room. If it were not for this social wifi system, the attendees would have to connect to the hotel’s own Wi-Fi. If there were 200 attendees and everyone wanted to connect the network, it would slow down a lot and could even fall. In the same network, the devices with which the hotel works, the guests and the 200 attendees of the event would be connected. Everything points to there being problems with the Wi-Fi connection.

However, with the Wi-Fi network that would be created independently with us, the attendees would connect to that and the hotel would continue its activity on a regular basis with the network it has.  Another main concern of the spaces that receive the corporate events is to control the traffic limits of the network. Restricting the Wi-Fi bandwidth is standard practice when you do not want someone streaming your event in real time and affecting other people’s connections, for example.

A quality Wi-Fi connection will allow you to control traffic according to the needs of your business. However, as an event organizer, you’ll want unlimited access for you and your team. Check with your vendor if he is able to set up different networks with different traffic capabilities. Another advantage of using social Wi-Fi in events or conferences is that you can send information with a single click. Following the previous case, the event that is being held in a hotel lasts 3 days. Once people have connected on Friday, you will be able to send relevant information of the rest of the days, such as the schedule of the presentations, the means of transport, etc.

In addition, the social Wi-Fi allows interacting easily and quickly with the attendees of the event through the surveys. You can ask them what the event is like, what they think of the Wi-Fi zone; how they have known the event … In this way, you will be able to improve in future events. Once the event has finished, the data of all the people who have registered in the Wi-Fi zone, are recorded in the database, so, if it is a regular event you can send them an e-mail inviting them for the next edition.