Four Things Your Restaurant Needs Stocked at All Times

Managing or owning a restaurant can get tedious because of all the things you have to monitor at once. Your inventory is one of those things that you’ll have to watch like a hawk if you want to keep your customers happy. The following are four items that you must have at your disposal at all times. Not having these stocked is unacceptable for positive business operations:

1. Napkins, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

In the restaurant world, not having something available to wipe your hands is an atrocity. Not having toilet paper is even worse. The lack of such items is one of the biggest reasons for customer complaints, and those complaints can stay on the internet for years and harm your establishment. Stocking necessities falls under the umbrella of customer service. Therefore, these items should always be well stocked or overstocked. It’s always better to have too much of something that not enough. Take our advice and stock up on your napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper. You can save your business a lot of negative reviews if you fix that one thing.

2. Cutlery and Straws

Imagine if you were sitting in a restaurant, and you couldn’t find any cutlery to eat your non-finger food meal item. Think about whether you would return to that restaurant. Therefore, you have to think ahead and outside of the box when you consider your inventory. You’ll need to have a certain amount of silver forks, knives and spoons, and then you’ll need to have a stockpile of plastic items that clients can take home with them if they so desire.

3. Trial Size Containers

There may be a lot of items that you want to have your customers try. You may also offer your customers side dishes or single servings of something for a certain price. You’ll need to have a lot of single serve containers for that. If you don’t keep your inventory stocked with enough containers, you’ll end up using some of the other containers to give your customers samples. It will end up costing you and your company more than you want to spend.

4. Cups of All Kinds

Cups are items that you just can’t do without. You have to provide the tools necessary to quench the thirst of the ones who will be buying drinks from you. Cups are crucial elements that you can never go without for any reason. The best approach is to stock up on these items now so that you never reach a time when you are unprepared when it comes to cups. Your thirsty customers will love you for it.

There is a way that you can stay on track inventory-wise and not have to take a whole lot of burden upon yourself. You can keep your inventory full by using a software program that can monitor it. The software will compensate for the time of the year when your customers may use an extremely high amount of those items, or visitors may come to your town.