Understanding VNC Access In Hosting Dashboard

Virtual Network Computing or VNC is a software that enables one computer to connect with another computer over a network connection remotely. VNC access allows mouse clicks and keystrokes to be transmitted from one computer to another, enabling the technical support staff to manage your VPS server. This ensures that technical support staff can resolve your queries within no time without the need to physically access your server or system.

VNC is platform-agnostic and can be used with any operating system. VNC, unlike SSH, is not secured and it sends information over an unencrypted connection. The open ports can be used by IP addresses that need to access the system. This drawback which makes it less secure, in turn, is useful in resolving VPS server hosting issues. VNC’s source code is open-source under the General Public License with a few other versions available commercially.

How Does VNC Access Function?

The computer that one needs to control should have a VNC Server installed, while an application called VNC Viewer must be running on the client computer. The host and the client computers need to be connected on the same TCP/IP network. A private network such as LAN or VPN, or even a public network like the internet will work equally well. These are the most fundamental requirements for VNC access.

To remotely control the host server, a VNC viewer has to be run on the client computer which identifies the VNC server on the host computer. Once authenticated, the client computer can take over the host computer using their own input devices. The client can then access everything on the host computer as if it was being operated physically, including running applications, changing settings, and accessing data.

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Ways Online Businesses Can Mitigate Cyber Threats

Any web-based business is at risk of cyber-attacks. The only way to escape cyber threats is to unplug your computer and implement security measures. In today’s volatile IT marketplace, it will only take a single security breach to damage your company’s reputation. Even small enterprises are not immune to these cyber threats. Instead of panicking, companies should consider these risks as an opportunity to implement the necessary measures to mitigate potential security breach. Here are some tips to help online businesses minimize the threat of cyber-attacks.


Patching can enable online businesses to secure their environment. Microsoft releases about 30 patches every month, which translate to 30 potential vulnerabilities. Hackers are always looking for new ways to breach your security system. With new versions of system software and patches, you can fix these newly found threats. In fact, hackers work as a community, and they are likely to share your system vulnerability with their neighbor.

Load Testing

It is essential to test the performance of your server often and thoroughly. Hackers discover many ways to exploit your server anytime you connect to the internet. You can mitigate the risk by scanning your servers manually or initiating digital scans using PagerDuty use cases. It is recommendable to use multi-layered scanning rather than using the same scan utility repeatedly. You never know how the hacker will attack you, so it is vital to scan both the inside and outside of your network.

Train Your Employees

It is essential to train your employees how to implement various security measures when they detect a threat. You could advise them not to open unsolicited attachments to mitigate risks. You could also remind them the implication of not securing their password and loading software programs from external sources.

Monitor Your Network

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Tips for Choosing Router In accordance with Needs

Choosing a router as a network that you will use in your home or business activities may be very confusing. Users of course want to buy and choose a router that has a pretty good performance and has adequate wireless coverage. So with a pretty good performance capability, you do not need to replace the router in a fairly short period of time. You can get a quality router through

Furthermore, further adding to the level of complexity in choosing a router is the number of features and wireless specifications provided. For that we will give guidance to choose router according to requirement and big of your room.

Guide to buy a router

Before purchasing a router, it helps you to consider some of the things below so you do not get caught up in purchasing a router that does not fit your needs.

Standart Network 802.11n or 802.11ac

If you want a router that has Wi-Fi technology, you should consider the features of wireless feature capabilities that exist on the router. Just like with smartphones, router manufacturing companies are also constantly applying new and powerful technologies. The longer, the technology is certainly also growing. The latest technology of wireless router is 802.11n, this technology has become the standard of the industry. So, we recommend to buy a router with the latest technology. You can see this specification at the top of the box of the router you purchased, the manufacturer should list the specifications at the top.

Determine the Wi-Fi speed on the router

When you want to choose the right router for your activities, you must also determine the Wi-Fi speed of the router. Every company will determine / declare Wi-Fi speed that can be used on the router, but you still have to be … Read More ...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Research Your Internet Provider Before You Pay

Families all over the U.S. and abroad are using their Internet for many purposes and reasons today. These reasons can even vary from one individual to another since there are so many things that can be done with its use. From hiring an individual contributor to take over administrative duties for a large corporation to learning how to replace an old car engine with a new engine in a vehicle, this world wide web is proof of the age of information. The information that people see and collect can also become overwhelming so the services that they obtain through the Internet is essential to the success of an individual and an organization. Due to the Internet and its overall importance for the family and business organization today, here are 3 essential reasons for researching Internet providers prior to acquiring any internet providers camden sc.

1. Reliability

Not all Internet services are the same. In fact, the choice that people make when they are looking for the right option can make a big difference in how reliable the service will be for everyone in the family or business. If the internet service is not reliable, the consumer may experience more downtime from their provider than they do in uptime. In these cases, it may make it difficult and next to impossible to finish assignments for class, projects for jobs and other things that may require a strong commitment. In either case or event, you need to make sure that the services provider that you choose has a good reputation in their communities for being a brand that provides the best ultimate service for their users.

2. Affordability

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