4 Good Questions to Ask Your Plumber

Plumbing systems are something that we use every day, but think very little of. The only time we put a lot of thought into the plumbing system is when something goes wrong. Sadly, when things go wrong, it’s never an easy fix and we must rely on the expertise of a master plumber. As these problems occur, do not panic and hire the first plumber that you find. Be sure that you are hiring the right plumber for the job. Here are four good questions to ask before you hire a plumber.

The first question to ask is if they specialize in commercial plumbing. There is a huge difference in dealing with residential plumbing and commercial plumbing and it is very important to hire someone that is specifically a commercial plumber. Commercial buildings have very complex systems and also require use of special treatments and chemicals. Be sure that the company you hire has experience in dealing with commercial buildings and systems.

The second question to ask what types of service plans they offer. Because commercial plumbing systems are very complex, they need routine maintenance. It would be most beneficial to work with a company that offers different types of maintenance plans based on your specific needs and it never hurts to ask if they offer any additional discounts for years of service.

The third question to ask is if they are licensed, bonded and insured. In order to get licensed, the plumbing company needs to be able to prove that they have a strong base of knowledge. Being bonded and insured only protects you as a client and your commercial system.

The fourth question to ask is what their timeline looks like. Because plumbing is a necessity, any hiccups along the way can really cause an inconvenience. Having a good understanding of what needs to happen during your project and having checkpoints to know that your project is on time is very important. A good commercial plumber will be able to give you a detailed timeline of what to expect and communicate with you often to resolve any issues along the way.

As you can see, commercial plumbing systems are more complex than residential jobs and knowing the right questions to ask will help ensure that you are hiring the right plumber for the job.