Detailed Explanation of Shared Hosting and its Benefits

Web hosting is an important aspect when you decide to take the business online. Along with eye-catching designs for the website, a reliable and trustworthy host is equally important. Filtering the domain of web hosting, there are several choices that every business owner can consider while looking for a host. Even if we stick to the least, three kinds of hosting standing out.

  1. a) Dedicated Hosting
  2. b) Shared Hosting
  3. c) VPS Server Hosting

Each has its own specifics and functionality. Where Dedicated Hosting is a whole private space for hosting a website, VPS Hosting is the economical version that creates a virtual private space for hosting. Either be the choice, both of these are feature-packed but cost huge money.

On the contrary, if you are a novice and have just started with your website, Shared Hosting might appeal to you more.

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name itself states, Shared Hosting is an environment where the server space is shared between websites, and each is given the time, on an ad hoc basis. And it isn’t only that space that is shared. Hosting a website requires more than only a working space; it needs a database, storage space, FTP and certain bandwidth along with processor and memory.

So, in Shared Hosting, all of the above are distributed among the websites. This distribution isn’t equal and is based on the needs of the site. Primarily, this is the reason why Shared Hosting is cheaper as compared to the other two hosting types.

Further, there doesn’t exist any limitation on how many websites can be hosted on a single server. It could be only a few or could escalate as high to tens or hundreds of websites. With Shared Hosting, users have the flexibility to add more than one website on … Read More ...

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