Make wifi for events possible now!

Today, everyone who participates in a conference or corporate event hopes to automatically connect to the internet. For wifi for events it is more than proven that a wifi for events has to be a quality wifi network which allows; make direct, upload stories, tweet or simply to navigate or work with the laptop. And, having a good Wi-Fi connection will make the event more relevant. Since you help attendees to share their experience at the event, through their social networks

No matter the size of the event, the issue is to offer a quality Wi-Fi service, both for the speakers and the attendees. Make the wifi for events best. The social wifi can be a very suitable tool to solve all the problems that usually appear in congresses and events. First, the Wi-Fi network provided by the tradeshow internet system is a parallel and independent Imagine that an event is being held in a hotel room. If it were not for this social wifi system, the attendees would have to connect to the hotel’s own Wi-Fi. If there were 200 attendees and everyone wanted to connect the network, it would slow down a lot and could even fall. In the same network, the devices with which the hotel works, the guests and the 200 attendees of the event would be connected. Everything points to there being problems with the Wi-Fi connection.

However, with the Wi-Fi network that would be created independently with us, the attendees would connect to that and the hotel would continue its activity on a regular basis with the network it has.  Another main concern of the spaces that receive the corporate events is to control the traffic limits of the network. Restricting the Wi-Fi bandwidth is standard practice when you do not want someone … Read More ...

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Revealed: How to Create Engaging Onboarding App Experience

Whenever it comes to a mobile app, we often emphasize the features of the application. We focus on the technologies integrated into your mobile application. But, my question is: What if the user does not reach that point? What if the users leave just a few seconds after they installed your application? How will you deal with this situation? How will you encourage them to continue?

One line answer to these questions is: By improving app onboarding experience. Also called the window to your mobile application, the app onboarding keeps the user hooked with your app. Sounds interesting? Want to know how to make your app onboarding experience better?

Here are some of the proven ways to build an engaging onboarding app experience:

Set a Goal

Every mobile app comes with a prime goal, and so their onboarding process. While some onboardings are informative, others are conversion-centric or entertaining. The type of onboarding you choose reflects your aim behind, and influence the outcomes. So, think wisely. Understand the key goal behind your app onboarding and choose the type accordingly.

Make it Interactive

Get into users’ shoes and determine what kind of experience you want to give them – just scrolling the app pages when they visit for the first time or enjoying them. If the latter is your choice, work upon making the onboarding experience an interactive tour. Plan a story, add concise information, and help the users learn something with the passage of each mobile app page. This will evoke interest in your audience and improve customer retention rate.

Try Gamification

Do not make your onboarding experience boring. Add surprise elements into the application by gamification. This phenomenon of integrating gaming elements into your mobile app will foster user engagement, give them the feel of being a winner, … Read More ...

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How To Use A Camera For Hunting

Using a thermal vision system for hunting is usually the most efficient way for you to find the animals that are prowling in the night. You could hunt for hours with help from a thermal camera, and you must learn how to use the camera so that you can take safe shots in the middle of the forest. Most of the cameras that are used for this purpose are meant to be mounted on a gun, or it could be mounted with a scope that you are using for long-range shooting. Learn how to use the camera so that you can have more fun in the woods when you plan your next hunting expedition.

1. The Camera Should Have A Mounting

It does not matter where you put the camera so much as its stability. You must set up the camera in a place where you know it will remain stable, and you should find a camera that comes with a simple mounting harness. The mount should have adjustment screws, and it should have a harness that will fit any weapon or scoping tripod. The camera is set up so that you can move it around when you need, and it should be moved to the position that allows you to see. The camera must stare right down the right of your gun, and it should not be impeded by anything else.

2. What Do You See?

You will see the heat signatures of everything in the area. Certain things such as tress produce almost no heat at all. They produce a soft green glow, but things such as animals and people will shine red or orange. You must make out the shapes to learn what you are looking at, and you should only take a shot when you … Read More ...

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